What You Receive.

Once you purchase a Dinner Party Club membership, you will be emailed a link to register all your club member’s email addresses and join the members-only Facebook group.

All your members will be sent two emails on the 1st of every month.

Food Email

A fun and delicious 3-course menu is emailed every month.  Vegetarian and gluten free options for ALL recipes.  

I always give you a little spiel about the menu and the email contains button links to the Menu Card, Ingredients List and Recipe Cards, all in PDF for ease of printing or a handy screen shot.  

The Cards break down the recipes into a timeline, manageable stages and feature important tips and step-by-step photos to explain the important steps in specific cooking techniques. 

Wine Email

We feature one stunning Aussie winery every month and this email tells you all about the wines we have paired to each course with tasting notes (for all those wine info nerds like me).   

You get instructions on how to purchase the wine direct from the cellar door and have it delivered to your home.

You receive massive discounts.  Most of the time you get a discount code to use on their website and sometimes even free postage. 

Food. Wine. Friends.

Facebook Group

Our members-only group is a place for all our clubs to connect, share their pics and help each other out.  Its also a place for me to regularly say hello and quickly communicate anything with you all. 

Cooking Videos

LIVE Cooking classes in our Facebook group, Youtube Videos and step-by-step posts are featured every month to help you achieve success with each menu.

Events & Discounts

Table & Taste annual events happen in WA and vary from year to year but they all involve delicious food and wine.  Tickets are offered to our members first.  Plus all members receive a cooking class discount code to use all year long.