Taste of Mexico

Mexican food is the ultimate in party share food, vibrant and fun to eat. Lime juice, avocado, chilli, jalapenos, coriander & chipotles are just a few of the fabulous flavours that give it that punch in flavour that is always crowd pleasing.

In this class, we combine traditional Mexican and Tex-mex dishes. We will learn a handful of popular techniques including ceviche, tostadas, stuffed jalapenos, slow braised beef short ribs and soft taco tortillas as well as all the accompaniments that make the dishes complete.

For dessert we will enjoy a Mostachon de Fresa, which is the Mexican answer to a pavlova with strawberries.

PRICE – $135.00 per person

DETAILS – demonstration and hands-on, contains gluten but can be made suitable for gluten free.

Class Menu

Lime & Avocado Ceviche Fish, Tostadas & Baja Sauce

Chorizo stuffed Jalapeno Peppers

Smokey Braised Short-Rib, Chipotle Sauce, Coriander & Home-made Soft Tacos

Mostachon de Fresa

What does the class include?

  • Recipe cards.
  • Demonstration of ceviche with tostadas.
  • Hands-on making stuffed jalapeno peppers.
  • Demonstration on making braised shortribs.
  • Hands-on soft taco tortillas.
  • Demonstration on making mostachon.
  • Generous tastings of all the food we make in class.
  • INCLUDES a complementary glass of delicious WA wine.

What should I bring?

  • Wear comfortable clothes and closed in shoes. Bring an apron if you have one.
  • We will let you know about any other specialised utensils or equipment that you will have the opportunity to purchase in class (or can bring from home).
  • Unless otherwise stated, we are happy for you to BYO too.

Does the class include tastings?

Absolutely! In order to cook great food you have to taste it. Besides, enjoying the food is one of the best parts of the class experience. With ample opportunities to taste and feast on all of the dishes we create, at the end you will be feeling full and satisfied.

How many people will be in my class?

As we travel around the state and bring the class to you, we require a minimum number of 10 participants per class to run. We won’t book any more than about 16 per class, so you get plenty of viewing space and attention to learn the cooking techniques.

How can I enquire about booking a class in my town?

Please click on the link above or fill in a contact form to enquire about booking this class in your town. We will work with you to find a suitable, local kitchen, date and time. We require a minimum number of class bookings to travel to your town for this class. This minimum number will depend on your location.