Moda 20cm Granite Mortar & Pestle


A beautiful granite mortar & pestle combination that is our best staple choice.  It has all the features you want for making curry pastes, dressings, sauces, pestos and grinding spice mixes.

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This weighty, granite mortar and pestle will become one of your kitchen staples for making curry pastes, grinding spices, making dressings, sauces and pestos.

Many people purchase a mortar and pestle and find they do not use it because it is either too small, not sturdy enough, or the proportions of the bowl and pestle are all wrong. We’ve selected this mortar and pestle for use in our kitchen and cooking classes because it has all the features we want to make it effective and versatile and we think you’ll love it too.  It will look beautiful on your benchtop as well.


  • Measuring 20cm wide and 14 cm high, the inner bowl is 14cm in diameter and 10cm deep, which is large enough to make a big batch of curry paste that won’t go flying out as you crush the ingredients.
  • It has a 22cm long pestle, allowing a decent grip.
  • The wide pestle is also heavy enough to do much of the work for you.
  • The slightly rough granite surface is superior in helping to grind spices, crush herbs and curry pastes.
  • It weighs 7kg, which means it will stay put on your bench top and is resistant to damage.

Please Note:

  • Postage costs will apply or we can deliver this to your next cooking class.
  • This mortar and pestle will need to be thoroughly washed in warm water and mild detergent before it’s first use.



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