How to Club.

It’s fab to be in a club but it’s even better to know how it will fit in with your friends, life and all your other stuff.  Here’s what I suggest you decide on. 

Gather your friends.

Friends, couples, family or for you and your partner? This club can be for any one of these groups.
Even if your friends aren’t particularly foodies, wine and good company might still entice a friend to join your club. It is worth asking someone even if you think they might not be interested. You might be surprised!

Name Your Club.

Creating a name for your club can be a great way to further cement that club feeling.
Fancy a pun?! Holy Shiitake, Slice Slice Baby and Bite Club are my favourites! Don’t worry if you’re not a wordsmith though…google can help you out here.

The perfect excuse you need to catchup all year. 

Decide who will cook.

You can do it a few ways. Some clubs are cooking together, some will divide the courses each month and bring their dishes to the host’s house and others will take turns cooking the complete menu.  Some clubs are groups of friends who live afar and want a shared interest. 

Creating a solid roster at the beginning of the year is a great way to keep the momentum going and make sure you continue meeting up throughout the year.

Create a Roster.

Decide how often you will meet up?

Some clubs are meeting every month or every second month. Some clubs are very casual and only meeting up when it suits them all. On the off months, some members are using the menus to cook for their partners or family and then sharing their food pics with each other.

Clubs should be fun & hassle-free!

Money Matters.

All club food menus will cost approximately $20 or less per head per month.

You could take turns paying for everything or create a money tin/bank account for the host to use every month, with everyone contributing a regular amount. 

The wine every month is additonal but offers huge savings!  Every month you have incredible offers on wine and can decide when and if you order.  Often postage is free.  Clubs often do a group order to save big time.  


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Tag us! This club is meant to be fun and not taken too seriously. You don’t need to be concerned if you think your food isn’t presented like a Masterchef. We want to know if there are any dishes that are standouts for you!