All about food & wine fun.

How can I make your dinner parties fun, social, stress-free & delicious, plus help you have them more often with your friends? That's what this business is all about.

Our story.

Hey there, thanks for stopping by!  I’m Sharnee and I’d love to tell you a bit more about how Table & Taste came about.   It begins with my family, really.  I was lucky enough to have grown up, surrounded by good cooks.  I was particularly influenced by the three most important women in my life, my mum and two grandmothers.  They never shied away from feeding a crowd and were all more than competent at it, a skill that I began to treasure as I got older and was able to understand what it meant.   So many of my best memories are centralised around gatherings involving plenty of delicious food.  This gift of enthusiastic cooking was passed on to me and my three sisters and as a result, all of us use meal times as the best reason to get together.     

On the road.

My love of cooking turned into a career after I’d first studied science at university and was working as an agronomist and farmer, back on our family farm.  I had moved back from the city to the country and absolutely missed the restaurants.  I noticed that there was a massive demand for people wanting good food, but no-one to offer those services.  My first business idea was born – custom designed menus, delivered to even the most remote locations throughout rural WA.    

Very quickly the business grew to catering for private dinner parties, weddings, conferences, business events and more, teaching cooking classes and making celebration cakes.  After ten years of creating menus for my catering customers all over WA,  I knew I wanted to use my knowledge to help more people hold their own fabulous food events, especially those living in the country. 

The idea.

The ultimate dream was to create a fun, social way for friends to get together all year round to enjoy fabulous food, drink delicious wines and connect face-to-face, without the hassle of having to plan the menu.  

'I can't decide on what to cook'

'We keep saying we will catch up, but weeks pass and then we forget'

'What if my food tastes terrible?'

I can help with that.

Over the years, I’d heard a number of reasons that consistently stopped people from cooking for their friends.  I knew that I wanted to create a service that gave cooks confidence, took away the stress, utilised my knowledge in food and wine and helped them prioritise making memories with friends.  Everything pointed to one brand new club concept – Dinner Party Club – fabulous menus packaged up and sent direct to your club to recreate for each other.

And in November 2018, Dinner Party Club was launched.

Our values.


Delicious recipes that anyone can cook. Exciting enough for skilled cooks, useful for beginners and smart, for busy people. On trend food that you get excited about.


Creating experiences, making memories. FUN, social and adaptable to fit into any circle.


Tried and tested food pairings. Showcasing incredible wine, Australian wide. Great prices, posted anywhere in the country.


Friendly, readily available help with cooking. Masterclass videos, cooking classes. Club feels & community vibes.


Get in touch.

I love hearing from you. Whether it’s feedback or a question about the club, classes, recipes or wine, it all helps make this club better! Send me a message here, email me at or jump on Instagram or Facebook and DM me. Sharnee