About the Food

Our Australian style of eating is relaxed, with a fusion of many different cultures. This can be reflected in the menus, which draw inspiration from a world of cooking styles and ingredients. We believe there shouldn’t be any rules to the way you want to cook, only that it should be fun and have lots of flavour. Our job is to give you plenty of helpful tips and a reason to try something new.

With over a decade of custom catering experience, I am passionate about cooking in an efficient way, big on common sense and low on stress-factor. I wanted to make it easier for you to cook for your friends at home. So, I’ve done all the research, recipe testing and planning to make it hassle-free for you. You can cook some new recipes and not feel concerned about whether they will work or that you’ll be glued to the kitchen the whole time.

Here are some features of our menus and a sample of what’s to come throughout the year,

Enjoy!! Sharnee


  • Plenty of pictures to help you step by step
  • Alternatives for vegetarian or gluten free menus.
  • Variations that you can experiment with.
  • Tips on how you can integrate the menus into your weekday eating.

We hope you love our monthly menus as much as we do.


The recipes are designed to feature what is BEST in the shops in that month and using a few ingredients that will surprise and delight your club members. Don’t worry though, we will tell you exactly where you can buy the ingredients, even if you live in a rural location.


It’s all about having an enjoyable, stress-free cooking experience, each month.  We will even give you step-by-step photos of any special methods, our tips on cooking taste-bud pleasing food, tricks to clever shortcuts and how to plate up insta-worthy dishes. The recipes are designed for people of all cooking skill levels.  The best part is that each month, all your members will be trying new dishes, so the pressure is off.


Because each month our menus are carefully designed to follow a consistent budget, your club members can confidently pay a monthly kitty amount, that you decide. Whoever is hosting, can confidently use money from the club pool, to pay for the food and wine each month.


Although we love cooking, we don’t want to be glued to the kitchen when we are hosting at home! With this in mind, all menus allow you to do most of the prep hours and even days in advance, which makes the menus achievable and the most enjoyable for you to serve.


We make it hassle free by doing all the recipe testing for you.  Each month, you can be confident that the recipes for a starter, main and dessert will work together harmoniously, match with our wine choices and create another thoroughly enjoyable food experience for you and your friends.

A sample menu

Scallops with Tomato, Dill, Capers & Freekeh

Palm Sugar Pork Belly, Green Papaya Salad & Nuoc Cham

Mascarpone Ice cream, Pistachio Shortbread & Fresh Peach

Here’s what our members are saying

“I will never stop making this pork belly recipe..one of the best things I’ve made in ages. Rave reviews again last night!”

Tess @whatthecrookseat

“A huge benefit for me was that you can pick and choose and there is no pressure to do the whole menu. So I put all my effort in the main and I felt such a huge sense of achievement. My guests can’t stop talking about it!”

Sinead @00sinead00

“I found the recipe cards so easy to follow and the instructions were super clear, loved the timeline so I could prepare in the week leading up. Loved it so much that I wasn’t sweating in the kitchen while everyone else was enjoying themselves, so easy and so enjoyable to cook it all! Loved trying out different ingredients like papaya also. The crackling on the pork belly was divine!”

Lara @rah_rah_d