Like a bookclub, but with food & wine.
2022 memberships available now.

Social, fun & delicious 3-course menus, paired with wine, sent to your inbox, every month.  We design the recipes to take away the stress and make it delicious and easy for you to cook at home. 

Step 1

Buy a Membership

We will email you a link to register up to 12 friends.  Then, join the members-only Facebook group.
Start your club any month of the year and we’ll automatically email you all menus up-to-date for the year. 

Step 2

Gather Your Friends

Decide who, when and how your club members will cook the menus. You can create a roster, cook together, or bring and share. 
The club is for individuals, couples, groups of friends and families.

Step 3

Eat, Drink & Enjoy

Cook delicious food and order stunning wine direct from the wineries, each month.  Carefully constructed recipes for all skills.  Online masterclasses and cooking timelines make it stress-free and get you back to the party.